LED displays are practical tools that the majority of businesses are using these days. Be it hospitality, automotive, retail, commercial communication, healthcare, banking and finance, education, food and beverage, or any other industry—digital display systems are critical for success in the modern commercial landscape.

If you still haven’t replaced your static displays with digital LED ones, here are three reasons you should now.

Attract Customers

Humans tend to pay more attention to advertisements that are colourful and exciting. According to research, of all the information absorbed by a human brain, 90 percent is visual. Another study by Intel revealed that LED displays are likely to gauge 400 times higher views than the traditional static displays.

In-store, LED displays to serve as excellent marketing tools, guides, and navigators to facilitate customers. For instance, in a retail outlet, LED screens could alert customers about discounts on particular brands, flash sales, new arrivals, and display store maps. Outside the premises, digital billboard solutions can pull customers toward your outlet, provide targeted information, and help create a positive brand image.

Facilitate Self-Service

A woman found clothing aisle for shopping thanks to LED display

If you own a grocery store, an automotive showroom, or a clothing outlet, you know how difficult it can be to cater to each customer before losing their temper. You may also have to hire a large sales force and train them to deal with customers’ inquiries. Indoor LED displays enable shoppers to navigate through the store and find there destined aisle. To make shoppers’ in-store experience even better, many retail outlets install touch-enabled LED displays that allow customers to check for the products in stock and their prices and other product-specific information. 

According to Zendesk research, customers prefer self-serviceover reaching out to a customer service agent. LED and digital displays reduce the need for hiring a huge team of support agents or in-store salespersons by facilitating self-service. Talk about cost-effectiveness!

Led Displays Can Be Frequently Updated

Whether it’s an hour-long flash sale or a week-long holiday discount offer, outdoor and indoor LED screens allow you to modify the display as frequently as possible. The fact that updating LED displays costs a bare minimum makes it a better option over static signs. Furthermore, static signs go to waste as soon as the new season begins, the discount period ends, or a product line discontinues. LED displays will serve your business for years with proper maintenance.

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