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Clear Touch Media focuses on forming strategic alliances with the world's best companies to implement a vast array of digital display technologies.

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Capture, engage, and influence your customers with customized digital signage solutions

To compete in increasingly competitive retail environments, you must reach customers at the appropriate time, in the right place, and at a reasonable cost. Digital signage makes this simple to accomplish. Deliver unique, personalized content directly to your guests at each touchpoint of the customer journey.

Exceptional Display Solutions

Digital Billboards

Transform any space into an engaging, informative and entertaining experience with CLEARTOUCH digital billboards.

Indoor Digital Signage

Transform any space into an engaging, informative and entertaining experience with CLEARTOUCH indoor digital displays.

Digital Floor Displays & Kiosks

Digital interactive kiosks can help create a digitally immersive shopping experience, guide people through complex buildings, effectively communicate with employees.

Digital Display Controllers

Our unique controllers allow you to customize your advertising messages at scale.

Digital Display Hardware

Check out our wide variety of digital display systems for advertising and signage hardware options.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How might digital screens at my locations enhance the consumer experience?

Digital signage is an excellent alternative for attracting passersby’s attention and motivating them to enter your store. However, they can also play a significant part in enhancing customer satisfaction once a customer has crossed your door. Interactive digital screens, for instance, can be utilized to provide clients with more information about your wait times, to assist a more efficient queuing process, or to display additional products than your floor space permits. Even non-interactive digital displays can contribute to enhancing the customer experience by exposing visitors to new items, displaying other use cases, or just enhancing brand perception through pleasant language and imagery.

Can I use a standard television in my store as a digital display?

Standard displays provide vivid images for media consumption at home, but they are unsuitable for commercial use for a number of reasons. Standard displays lack the versatility of commercial monitors, which can be mounted in portrait or landscape configuration and combined to create multi-screen displays. They lack the durability attributes necessary for commercial situations, where they may be required to be displayed for 16 to 24 hours per day and to endure consumer contact. Standard displays lack commercial warranties, service agreements, and security, leaving owners exposed against unplanned failures.

How do I select the best digital signage for my company?

It can be difficult to navigate the numerous digital signage solution alternatives available. Do you require daily-updatable menu boards? Are you interested in video walls that can broadcast advertising videos in a loop? Given the amount of options available for selecting digital screens, it is essential to work with a partner who can assist you in identifying the best digital signage solutions for your business’s specific requirements. Engage with Clear Touch Media for individualized support that takes your unique requirements and use cases into account.