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Transform any space into an engaging, informative and entertaining experience with CLEARTOUCH digital billboards
in Toronto.

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Use digital billboard advertising to increase audience emotion and engagement

Our digital billboard solutions in Toronto are perfect for outside locations such as retail stores, community hubs, commercial lobbies, and other high traffic locations. Contact us to help you choose the best digital billboard solutions in Toronto for your brand and visitors.

The benefit of digital billboard marketing is undeniable. In a world where visual technology rules, you need digital displays like LED video walls for advertising to help your ads stand out and capture the attention of your market.

Viewers have 55% more ad recall for digital billboards

We enable communication so you can emotionally and effectively engage,
educate and empower your audience


We live and breathe Digital Communications and Advertising Solutions. Our Toronto team of digital advertising and signage experts has what it takes to make your digital signage campaigns successful.

Interactive advertising technology is becoming more widespread, and more than likely, will increasingly be seen as a must have for many industries operating in the digital space. Investing in the right digital signage company and solutions today, will position their business ahead of the competition in the years to come.


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