Digital Signage Solutions for Hospitals & Clinics

Digital signage has endless potential and can help you grow your business in multiple ways through smart statistics.

The Most Satisfying Digital Signage System

Is One That Has An Impact

Digital screens at hospitals and healthcare organizations result in happier patients, shorter perceived wait times, and more time for staff to focus on what counts. Best of all, transitioning from static posters and notifications to digital signage has never been simpler.

Exceptional Display Solutions Tailored for Hospitals & Clinics

Digital Billboards

Transform any space into an engaging, informative and entertaining experience with CLEARTOUCH digital billboards.

Indoor Digital Signage

Transform any space into an engaging, informative and entertaining experience with CLEARTOUCH indoor digital displays.

Digital Floor Displays & Kiosks

Digital interactive kiosks can help create a digitally immersive shopping experience, guide people through complex buildings, effectively communicate with employees.

Digital Display Controllers

Our unique controllers allow you to customize your advertising messages at scale.

Digital Display Hardware

Check out our wide variety of digital display systems for advertising and signage hardware options.

Advantages Of Digital Signage In Hospitals And Clinics

Direct visitors to their destinations

Hospitals are large, crowded locations that can be difficult to navigate, especially when a patient is rushing to an appointment. Visitors can obtain tailored directions to where they need to go using digital wayfinding signage with touchscreen capabilities. These computerized navigation boards also relieve hospital employees of traffic-directing duties — and limit up-close contacts in hallways, which is especially important given the COVID-19 pandemic and the significance of social distancing.

Provide individualized patient care

Hospitals place a high value on patient education and involvement. The better people understand their disease and take responsibility for their own recovery, the better health results their care team can provide.

Reduce anxiety in the waiting room

Nobody likes waiting, but it’s more difficult when you’re sick or waiting for a loved one to recover after surgery. The average wait time is announced on digital displays in the waiting room, and entertaining health content is provided to divert patients from their worry.

Via the Clear Touch Media, guests may track the status and whereabouts of their loved ones using a crystal-clear display.

Real-time communication with visitors

Hospitals must provide vital information to patients and visitors. There are public safety announcements, patient safety advice, workplace safety suggestions, wellness awareness information, and much more, in addition to marketing hospital services and events.

Hospitals may be more smart about what information they disclose, as well as when and where they share it, with digital signage. System administrators can send out real-time notifications in emergency situations, and information is easily updated.

Increase the diagnostic speed

One of the most significant advantages of digital signage in hospitals is its capacity to improve diagnostic efficiency. Doctors and nurses may view anything from X-rays to a patient’s EHRs with a single glance thanks to a high-resolution widescreen monitor.

These are just a few of the potential applications and advantages of digital signage in hospitals. As more hospitals engage in digital signs, such as digital navigation screens, the possibilities will be limited only by the innovation of technology suppliers and healthcare IT teams.

Why Should You Go with Clear Touch Media for Hospitals & Clinics Digital Signage Solutions?

Clear Touch Media offers a significant transition for Healthcare Industries in order to deliver a digital experience for their guests. There are numerous alternatives for digital transformation, such as navigation systems, self-service kiosks, digital walls, and so on, which will allow patients to interact directly with the hospital/clinic.