Whether it’s the pandemic, a natural disaster or any other life-threatening situation, the public usually looks for guidance. Having clear and easy to decipher safety signals is vital to ensure the right steps are followed to ensure everyone’s well being.

Digital signages are a great way to deliver a concise and important message in a public area. Let’s look at all the ways digital signages could help you successfully deliver your health and safety notices.

More Memorable

The goal with any safety message displayed to the general public is to stand out and be memorable for it to be routinely implemented.

With digital signage, the bright and colourful display has a better chance to be noticed and remembered. Our brains much better retain visual cues than any other medium. In fact, early 80% of the learning that we do is through our eyes.

Using visual cues to your advantage through a brightly coloured and information-laced digital signage could draw the attention at a much faster rate with prolonged implementation results.


Safety visual signs can be displayed on digital signage boards

Life-threatening scenarios almost always happen without warning. In times of distress, announcements over speakers can add to the panic and be difficult to hear. The more effective solution would be to have signs with big, bold text guiding the public on what to do.

Whether you want people to vacate the premises or simply not panic, you can immediately display that through digital signage. The visual boards would be much easier to spot and bring about fewer distressing feelings than a PA announcement. Universally recognized emergency imagery can also be displayed to reach an audience who cannot speak the native language.

Better Guidance

Whether you want to direct someone to the closest clinic or list out the nearest exit, a digital signage board would be perfect for it. You can display maps and clear images of appropriate personnel that the public can go to for further assistance.

Images of maps, faces, and emergency contacts can be routinely displayed through digital signage. They can help individuals identify the crucial information they might need if they are seeking assistance. The digital images can also serve as a constant reminder for anyone who might forget the information. Or they might be simply too shy to ask for help.

If you wish to successfully facilitate individuals during a time of crisis, then digital signages are a sound investment. We at ClearTouch Media provide premium outdoor digital signage services in Toronto. Transform your establishment’s place into a more safe and engaging area by availing our digital signage installation services.

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