The Canadian business environment has become far more competitive than it was a few years ago. Toronto, especially, has become even more commercially active than before—with over 151,000 businesses operating in the greater Toronto area. While it’s expected that business activity will slow down in the region during 2020, competition is still quite intense and your survival in the industry depends on how well you can market your services to maintain revenues.

As always, the fundamental driving force for your business and revenues is through creating successful marketing campaigns. Underpinning this success is business visibility and brand awareness that can serve as the springboard for greater consumer engagement. Among the numerous marketing tools at your disposal to achieve your business goals, digital signage stands out as the best shot to improving your commercial outlook.

When compared to other advertising methods, digital signage has higher attention rates of almost one second and 40% of all businesses report that it has led to higher brand awareness. It’s important to note that the goal here isn’t to ensure sales and while it is always a good thing if your signage can induce higher sales—the key is to make a mark on your customer’s consciousness to make them receptive to future encounters. Some ways to use digital signage to increase brand awareness include:

1.   Displaying Promotional Media

It’s a well-established fact that dynamic content is much more likely to catch your eye than static content since static content melds into the background.

Digital signage is fundamentally designed to make sure that your content is noticeable and allows you to create these mesmerizing visuals to retain a relatively higher portion of your clients’ attention. With longer attention spans diverted to your signs, your brand awareness will also increase.

2.   Use Branded Screens

One way very useful method of increasing brand awareness is by piggybacking on the everyday, general information that people look out for. Things like the time, weather forecasts or traffic updates are bits of information that people take a general interest in.

Use your digital signs as one medium of finding this information and brand the sign itself so that people remember that your brand was how they found this information. This is a very subtle way of branding your business that creates an association of your brand name with useful information that everyone looks out for.



3.   Try Out Interactive Displays

Instead of just using a sign that passively passes on information to your customers, you should try using touchscreens or RFID chips embedded in the screens to make your signs interactive. On the off chance that someone is fascinated by your advertisements and wants to know more, the sign can offer them more information—increasing the chances of conversions through that sign.

Even if someone doesn’t respond in a meaningful way to this interaction, the engagement itself can serve as a trigger for remembering your brand. This is a recent innovation in digital signage—but all the more effective for businesses that are also looking for a means to increase footfall through their advertising strategies.

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