Restaurant Digital Signage And Digital Menu Boards

Deliver upscale dining experiences to keep your guests interested, educated, and amused using a single platform.

Why Do Restaurant In-Location Experiences Matter?

In-location experiences are how you engage your visitors and boost the ROI of each visit.

Digital signage systems give a seamless link to your internet marketing activities and guarantee that every step of your customers’ journey is memorable, on-brand, and optimized for maximum effect on your restaurant’s revenue and sales goals.

The Experience Platform

Our in-location customer experience platform is intended to facilitate the creation, management, and scalability of bespoke offline experiences that optimize the performance of your physical restaurant locations. Digital signage also reduces operational expenses since the material can be remotely updated across several locations with a few mouse clicks.

Plug & Play Restaurant Digital Signage

  • Built to grow, it can work with anywhere from 1 to 100,000+ digital screens and displays.
  • Manage all of your restaurant screens from one place.
  • You can connect to your digital signage network using LTE, WiFi, or Ethernet.

What Kinds of Experiences Can You Offer Your Visitors?

  • Attract customers to your restaurant with HD photos and videos that make their mouths water and catch their eye, all of which can be managed remotely.
  • Digital signage can help you make more money and grow your restaurant business by showing customers special deals, discounts, and QR codes as they eat.
  • Use digital signage to get people’s attention as they walk by and pull them into your restaurant with calls to action that are interesting, timely, and hard to resist.
  • With digital signage software, you can give your guests the option of a smooth, contactless checkout.
  • Use interactive screens at each table to keep your customers busy while they wait for their food.
  • Make it easy and quick to pick up orders at the curb so you can keep the orders coming.
  • Tell people who come to your restaurant about your new rules and what you are doing to keep them safe and healthy.

How it works:

Step 1 – Utilize our Interactive Kiosk Tablet or connect to your current televisions (Connect via Wifi, Internet, or through our LTE- Enabled hardware).

Step 2 – Upload material, choose the features you’d want to use, and you’ll be up and running with your Experience Builder in no time.

Step 3 – Digital signage lets you share your experience with everyone.

Step 4 – The Experience Platform is a place where you can manage your in-location experiences at scale.

How Digital Signage from Clear Touch Media Can Help Your Restaurant Succeed

  • CleartouchMedia - Digital Signage Restaurants _ Clear Touch MediaKeep the items on your restaurant’s menu up-to-date and at all of your locations and online.
  • Digital signage apps from Clear Touch Media can be used to show customers and employees how to follow health and safety rules.
  • Showcase daily specials, lunch and dinner menus, and other deals in a prominent way
  • It’s easy to build a clear and consistent brand across all of your restaurant locations.
  • You can get more followers, likes, and shares if you put your Instagram or other social media feed on the screen.
  • Use digital signage to “decorate” for special events and holidays by showing HD photos and videos.
  • With toast point of sale integration, you can ensure that menus and prices are always up to date.
  • Customers will have a better time if they can watch music videos while they eat in the restaurant or wait for takeout.

Choose Clear Touch Media Digital Signage

Digital Display Advertising and Signage is a More Effective Method of Engaging Your Visitors.


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