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Digital Signage For Schools, Colleges & Universities

Clear Touch Media’s digital signage solution for education facilitates communication between administrators, faculty, students, and visitors.

The user-friendly internet platform makes it simple to disseminate messages that educate and enlighten specific groups.

With Clear Touch Media Digital Signage, administrators may generate visitor welcome messages, show student work, and broadcast staff announcements, including live news, feeds, social media streams, and other media formats.

Education Digital Signage Applications

Clear Touch Media Digital Signage display panels for schools and higher education institutions may be utilized for internal and external communications, making them the perfect medium for disseminating information to students, parents, visitors, and faculty personnel.

The ability to include dynamic multimedia forms such as text, photographs, videos, safety precautions, web pages, and social media guarantees that the message’s content is interesting and connects with the target audience.

With the advantages of our proprietary software platform, it is simple to add wayfinding and directional information to display displays.

Clear Touch Media’s line of digital signage systems is adaptable and ideal for single or multiple applications.

Messages may be exhibited on various display screens, such as large format displays (LFDs), freestanding kiosk displays, hotel booking panels, and interactive touch screens.

It is simple to develop distinct digital signage messaging for departments, teachers, visitors, and students when managed from a single platform.

Clear Touch Media speeds up communication and distribution by reducing the time required to modify and upload messages to less than ten minutes.

Staff and Faculty Communications

Display internal message boards in staff offices and conference rooms to update policies, meetings, and essential information. Clear Touch Media school digital signage solutions are perfect for informing personnel on schedules, arranging meetings, and delivering health and safety and welfare updates.

Student Communications

Centralized communication displays may be utilized in classrooms, halls, and student spaces to inform students about school events, policy updates, after-school programs, and schedule changes. Staff and teachers may update as needed.

Room Booking Systems

Live Rooms is an interactive room booking solution that reduces admin time and communication issues. The easy-to-use system interfaces with Microsoft Exchange and Outlook 365, making a booking through a central calendar or panel straightforward. The panel may show digital signs when not utilized for hotel booking. Alert messaging groups might contain the panel.

Limitless Creative Communication Options

Clear Touch Media’s digital signage education software includes modifiable templates for creating successful media displays. Our digital signage solutions minimize staff and student emails, phone calls, and meetings. Our school’s digital signage software includes rolling text, graphics, videos, and social media.

  • Graphic Design – Clear Touch Media digital signage layouts include tables, calendars, news headlines, photos, videos, digital clocks, and scrolling message banners.
  • Timetables – Add timetables and calendars using predesigned templates for students and staff. Keep students and staff informed about scheduling and classroom changes.

Visitor Communications

Creating a friendly atmosphere for visitors helps school administrators promote school activities.

  • Newsfeeds – Live news and school news may be added to an internal news stream with school branding—update students and educators with school news via the stream.

Instant message alerts – Clear Touch Media lets customers broadcast rapid digital signage messages to school students and teachers. Perfect for fire drills and class announcements.

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Integrated Hardware and Software Solutions

Clear touch Media - Digital Signage For Schools _ Clear Touch MediaOur team works with clients and partners to create an entire digital signage solution for education, including displays, software, and training for staff and faculty.

  • Large Format Displays – Clear Touch Media digital signage displays are intended for continuous usage and pixel-perfect graphics. We’ll develop a system that enables successful communication, from giant displays for corridors and assembly halls to tiny screens for classrooms and passageways.
  • Interactive Screens – Interactive screen displays may be utilized in education as room booking systems, for gathering student thoughts and comments and as information tablet displays.
  • Market Leading Software – Our digital signage software lets customers effortlessly build, manage, and distribute visually attractive displays. Edit current templates or build unique layouts with music and visuals to engage staff and students.

Using digital signage technologies to display information across schools and campuses is becoming commonplace.

Clear Touch Media’s digital signage systems simplify the management and presentation of data over a single screen or a network of large-format monitors. For more information, please contact us at 905-362-2622.


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