FDMB Series UHD Seamless Matrix Switcher

Functional Characteristics

  • Eliminate the inherent black field in the traditional matrix switching process and realize true seamless handover
  • Support CVBS, YPbPr, VGA, SDI, HDMI, DVI and other signals input
  • Support for HDMI1.4/1.3 version, HDCP1.4 and DVI1.0 standard
  • Support EDID automatic management to ensure that every channel signal presents the best effect.
  • Support image splicing display, and turn the two function matrix and splicing into one (optional)
  • Support plan looping play function, can set looping play switch, looping play time and the channel etc.
  • Support 16 reserve plans, can save and call the plan at any time. and one key switch to the saved display condition.
  • Automatic save and switch to display condition before power off
  • Support LCD display
  • Support tablet, mobile phone, remote control, RS-232, RJ-45 etc method of management
  • With a signal indicator light, monitor the signal condition of input and output conveniently
  • HDMI output supports independent audio socket output.
  • Support authorized encryption design can set matrix usage time
  • Support the automatic balance of long cable output up to 20 meters.
  • Using card inserted case, whole modular design, flexible configuration and upgrades easily.
  • Support 1.5U / 3U / 5U cases apply t0 19-inch cabinets.

Flowvia UHD seamless matrix switcher, the biggest feature of the matrix is that the natural black field (normal 2_10s) will not appear as in the traditional matrix in all output switching processes, achieving the true sense of the seamless switching matrix. Input and output are modular in design, meet the maximum configuration, more conducive to maintenance. It supports a variety of signals input, and all input and output can be switched seamlessly and arbitrarily. The matrix uses touch control, RS232/LAN and other ways to facilitate users to connect with other control systems, The device works continuously in 7*24 hours, thereby ensuring the product’s stability. There are 8*8 / 16*16 / 32*32 / 64*64 four types by now, OEM of other types are welcome.