FDMA Series Network Digital Matrix Switcher

Functional Characteristics

  • Safe and stable operation with embedded LINUX system
  • Plug-in structure for easy expansion and maintenance
  • Support network camera hybrid decoding with different resolutions of different brands
  • The IP address of the IP camera can be manually added and automatically searched, and the number of connected IPCs can reach more than 60,000(optional).
  • Add a port number with a fixed IP or domain name to access the remote webcam video.
  • Compatible with RTP, RTSP, ONVIF, H.264, H.265 and other protocol cameras and Spherical camera
  • Support powerful hard decoding capability, the single card supports up to 32 channels, supports 4 channels of 1080 simultaneous decoding output
  • The display layout is flexible and diverse, and each screen image display has no delay, no jam, and the switching speed is fast.
  • After the network disconnection is restored, the video is automatically reconnected, automatically replied to, and various plan combinations
  • Character ID display function, which can select the decoded image zoom according to the ID number intelligent control.
  • Support remote data collection to echo IP images and remote control, and mobile APP intelligent control

The Network multi-screen image processing system is a high-definition digital decoding matrix integrated management platform independently developed and produced. The front end (network camera ICP, NVR, PC, etc.) enters the monitoring center through a network transmission system such as optical fiber. Then uniformly manage, decode, display, and splice video wall in full screen, split it in multi screen, superimposed roaming. Applicable to video stream coding security monitoring, decoding access, output preview, flexible picture combination, Fast switching, timing round patrolet, diverse plan.