FDMA Series UHD Mixed Matrix Switcher

Functional Characteristics

  • Support CVBS, YPbPr, VGA SDI, HDMI, DVI etc. signal source input.
  • Support HDMI 1.4/1.3 version, HDCP1.4 and DV1.0 standard.
  • Support EDID automatic management, and ensure every signal source presents the best effect.
  • Support plan looping play function, can set looping play switch, looping play time and the channel etc.
  • Supply 16 plans, can save and call the plan at any time, and one-key switch to the saved display condition.
  • Automatic save and switch to the display condition before powering off.
  • Support 1.5U/3U/5U cases, apply to 19-inch cabinets.
  • Support LCD display, switching easily between Chinese and English.
  • Support panel, remote control RS-232, RJ-45, iPad etc methods of management.
  • With a signal indicator light, monitor the signal condition of input and output conveniently.
  • HDMI output supports independent audio socket output. (option)
  • Support authorized encryption design can set matrix usage time
  • Support the automatic balance of long cable output up to 20 meters.
  • Using card inserted case, whole modular design, flexible configuration and upgrade easily.

Flowvia UHD mixed matrix switcher is a high-performance UHD video signal switching device, which is compatible with digital and analog signal input, and supports multi-format signals. The output of any signal can choose the signal source freely without disturbing other outputs, minimize the attenuation of signal transmission, and image and sound signals can be outputted with high fidelity. Our matrix switcher has functions such as breaking electric field protection, LCD and multi-format signals switched, which is with a card inserted structure, and support signal input such as HDMI, DVI, Video, VGA and YPbPr, and HDMI signal output. At the same time, it also has a network and RS232 communication interface, which can be used easily by personal computers and control equipment. The device provides a new solution for the professional project that needs digital, audio and video switching.