Outdoor Digital Display Signs & Signage

Businesses of all sizes may adopt outdoor digital signage! Clear Touch Media bundles incorporate software and sophisticated servers for managing digital displays centrally.

Outdoor digital signage assists individuals in locating the desired building or company. These spectacular display advertisements on high-traffic routes and highways may assist company owners in encouraging visitors to enter their establishments. The Small Business Administration has produced data indicating the significance of outdoor digital signage as the most cost-effective and least expensive type of advertising, and outdoor digital signage offers several benefits over static signs.

Digital outdoor signage has grown in prevalence and popularity. You are likely acquainted with digital billboards along the highway, digital message centers in front of the high school, and outdoor movie trailer displays. Now that prices have plummeted, any application that displays frequently-changing information is an excellent candidate for an outdoor digital sign.

Lower Cost Outdoor Digital Display Signs Equals More Opportunities

In recent years, LED signage prices have decreased substantially, and manufacturers have created finer pixel pitches to allow enormous displays to display very clear visuals. The costs have decreased to make the product more accessible. LCD signs are often selected as the principal technology for smaller signage, such as restaurant menus shown outside. These outdoor signs contain panels that do not darken when exposed to sunlight.

Outdoor digital signage consists of high-brightness LCD displays in storefront windows, high-brightness LCD displays in weatherproof enclosures, outdoor LED message centers in sign monuments, LED displays for gas pricing, and big LED signs that mount to a building, pole, or sign structure. It also comprises the control system, software, and networking equipment if your signs are located near your business. We offer the materials and expertise to assist you in all of these areas and help you design your signs.

Outdoor Digital Signage Benefits

CleartouchMedia - Digital Display Signs Outdoor _ Clear Touch MediaOutdoor digital signage provides several benefits for billboards whose income is influenced by the number of viewers. A billboard on a well-used metropolitan expressway generates astronomical monthly advertising income. Two short alternating messages may generate less money per ad than a single lengthier message, but they often improve the aggregate ad revenue sufficient to cover the whole cost of the digital billboard within a brief investment period. The same holds true for uses such as shopping complexes, where advertisements from retail establishments inside the complex offset the expense of erecting digital signage.

This image displays daytime and nighttime views of the LED outdoor digital sign. The sign is as visible throughout the day as conventional signage; plus, since it is digital, it displays forthcoming events and various other dynamic information.

The LED pitch of the outdoor digital sign is fine enough for it to broadcast movie trailers when it is not displaying messages. It is attached to the theatre’s marquee, with foot circulation right below.

The sign has a viewing angle of 140 degrees, allowing visitors to observe it as they approach the theatre and pass below it.

A sign that displays video or intricate graphics must have a lower LED pitch and cost more than one that displays basic text. Cost is usually a factor in project design, but outdoor LED signs have a long lifespan, so you need also consider how you will use them over the years.

Choose Clear Touch Media Outdoor Digital Display Signs

With Clear Touch digital display systems in Canada and the United States, you can turn any place into an engaging, educational, and entertaining destination.

All forms of experiential campaigns, retail establishments, business lobbies and educational institutions may benefit from our digital display systems and navigation software. There are a variety of LED signage solutions available, including those for indoor and outdoor use. “Call us now!!”


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