HD baseT Extender

Functional characteristics

  • Support HDMI1.3 standard
  • Support point-to-point and cascading transmission
  • Standard: International 802.3 Ethernet standard
  • Transmission distance: 70 meters transmission with Cat5e/6 network cable
  • Transmission rate: 10.2GBPS page high speed duplex transmission
  • Pure hardware design, plug and play, no software required to install the amount
  • Appearance structure: exquisite appearance with hanging holes, easy to install

This product is used by a pair of transmitter TX and receiver RX. Advanced HD baseT technology, compliant with HDMI 1.4, maximum transmission distance of up to 70 meters. The Full HD HDMI signal and R232 signal are transmitted by a single Cat5e/6 network cable to control the remote device. It is widely used in high-definition conferences, video advertising, digital home, multimedia teaching, projection conferences, etc.